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tonglen meditation for separated migrant families

Now is the time to come together and find our compassion for families being separated at the US border. Mothers, friends, neighbours and strangers, let's unite and practice a tonglen meditation (taking and sending) for those suffering. We'll focus on sending love, safety, ease and comfort to the children who have been separated from their parents.

As a Mother, my heart breaks hearing the audio recordings of children crying out for their parents as they're placed in temporary detention. I want to do more than just give money, but what is it that I can do living far away from the US border? Outer action needs to be matched by the inner practice. And perhaps the compassion I practice will stretch out and reach others beyond my self, family and community. And as Brene Brown says, 'empathy fuels connection'.

For me, this practice will not be comfortable and I'll probably be a crying hot mess... and that's okay. Now is the time to go beyond comfort and use breath as medicine.


  • bring a blanket to sit on
  • maybe also some tissues for tears
  • this is a safe and welcoming space for all humans

Here is what is happening: The US government has recently changed its policy about families who cross the border, and it is resulting in families being torn apart. Parents are caught in the criminal system, while their children are sent to different detention centers, often hundreds of miles away from each other. Since May 2018, there have been at least 2,000 children who have been separated from their parents and been detained.

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We'll meet here near the basketball court.

We'll meet here near the basketball court.

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