podcast : Cicely Blain - activist & author

podcast : Cicely Blain - activist & author

On this episode, I’m joined by Cicely Blain.

Activism is in Cicely’s blood and they share stories of their grandmother protesting against nuclear weapons and how this shaped Cicely into who they are now.

Cicely uncovers the current racial landscape of Vancouver and the fad of “fast-fashion” D&I. We address tokenization, isolation and exclusion in fitness spaces.

We finish off with recapping our views on pride week, Cicely giving updates on her upcoming book release and the very real stress and burnout that comes with activism.

on stratagem: “there must be a way that this can be done better and people can be more engaged… I want to try something new… the whole point of my whole business is to try and bridge the gap between my activist background and the professional world.”

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About Cicely

Cicely is a consultant, facilitator, writer and artist. They grew up in London, England and graduated with a major in modern European studies and a minor in Russian language. After graduation early, Cicely pursued the goal of working with marginalized communities and providing support to young LGBTQ people.

In 2017, Cicely was featured as one of the “coolest people who call Vancouver home” and as one of CBC’s 150 black women making change across Canada.

*please note - at the beginning I mention that Cicely was instrumental in winning a 8 million dollar grant from the government of BC, but it was actually from the British government*

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