podcast : Anna Farant - transitions & timing

podcast : Anna Farant - transitions & timing

On this episode, I’m joined by Anna Farant. Anna is the co-founder of All City Athletics, partner of Alliance Boxing Promotions and sits on the board of directors for Boxing BC.

Anna shares the recent news about All City Athletics having to close its current location and how the community is rallying to support. We talk about protecting energy, what makes us sad and what scares us (it’s not what you’d think).

We jam on harm reduction vs abstinence, interventions at the Cecil and key moments in time. Anna opens up about her relationship status, protecting her energy and what the future holds.

There’s a certain amount of grief around what that space meant to me, what that space means to other people, and that part I’m not over. -Anna

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About Anna

Anna is a force to be reckoned and has a story to share. I have mad respect for how Anna has stayed true to herself and her values. What you see is what you get. Anna taught me all that I know about boxing and I was fortunate to have her in my corner for an Aprons For Gloves amateur fight a few years ago. Make it a priority to take a class with Anna at All City.

Anna “Banana” has been boxing for 7 years. Her love of boxing began in part as a way to relieve stress from her work at Insight, a drop in center on the DTES of Vancouver. As an ACE certified trainer and active boxer, she advocates the need for exercise and physical activity but also understands the many barriers people face trying to incorporate it into their lives. Anna believes exercise is a fundamental part of being healthy, both mentally and physically. Anna also currently co-owns a branded fitness business called All-City Athletics with fellow coach Jordan Bowers.

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