podcast : Giulia Halkier - release & rebel

podcast : Giulia Halkier - release & rebel

There was a hot demand for Giulia to come back on the podcast and record an episode on all things crystals… so here we are! Buckle up for a wild ride filled with singing, dancing and a sh*t ton of laughing.

We kick things off by recapping my reiki session and share how crystals impacted the energy blockages and overall experience. We discuss crystal history, common uses and weird-ass facts.

Giuls breaks down the difference between a new moon and a full moon and the rituals she practices for each. We jam on the pull of the ocean, the beauty of monthly recalibration and science vs intuition.

We weigh in on amber teething necklaces, gua-sha and crystal sex toys.

Giulia is hosting a monthly series at Werklab which coincides with the full moon (more details below).

About Giulia

8 years ago, Giulia and I instantly bonded over our love for raw and honest conversations, loud laughter and peacocks (maybe not in that order). And yes, perhaps you’ve noticed a trend that majority of my guests used to work for lululemon. #lifeafterluon

Giulia’s magical energy draws you in like a larger than life anvil to a mega magnet (something outta Looney Tunes). What you see is what you get with Giuls and there’s no BS in her wheelhouse.

She’s the proud owner of Brazen Soul Rebellion, her business baby which encompasses life coaching, reiki and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). She’s also the resident healer at Werklab. NBD.

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