podcast : Anita Cheung - mindfulness entrepreneur

podcast : Anita Cheung - mindfulness entrepreneur

On this episode hear from mindfulness entrepreneur Anita Cheung.

Anita opens up about the most recent transitions in her career and what led her to (and why she won't quit) meditation. We breakdown the stereotypes and misconceptions of meditation and what so often what people think she does vs. reality (hint - it's not sukhasana all day long). Neets also gives some great advice to anyone wanting to start meditating.

We jam on In Bed With Betty, #glittergurlz and The Social Yoga (#throwback).

Anita reflects on her eclectic offerings (like teaching sex ed to teenagers and coding) and how it's got her to where she is today.

She shares an awakening she had whilst stepping into her identity as a woman of colour and sheds light on differentiating cultural appropriation and appreciation (like Buddha bowls and Jesus pants, both of which are no bueno, IMO). 

Anita divulges in her journey with mental health and illness, what she thought depression should like and recounts being diagnosed with PMDD.

We switch gears and go down memory lane and reminisce on our fav childhood styles. Flairs, GAP sweaters, tearaway pants, jelly shoes and clear bags. Wait, is this 1998 or 2018?

About Anita

Anita is passionate about making meditation cool and accessible for everyone and her life goal is to help others less alone. Lo and behold, her new business combines her passion and goal into one perfectly delectable treat: Betty - real life beditations for real lazy people.

Anita's offerings

Side note- I'm a terrible host because we didn't even touch on WOC talks, which is such a major part of Anita's life RN and so so important just in general! Please check out WOC Talks website (specifically the resources section) on some brilliant pieces to read, watch and listen to. I think this just means we'll need to do a second podcast episode, right Anita and RayRay?

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