podcast : Christina Culver - the magic is real

On this episode we go deep into Christina's colourful entrepreneurial life and how her friends floated the idea of her "disastertunity" and successfully turned it into Culver City Salads. She shares how she ended up owning the Conehead Ice cream truck and turned her salad side hustle into a thing. She updates me on what's happening with their salad dressing sitch and some juicy details as to what's coming down the half pipe.

We discuss family values, the logistics of running a food truck and why she's the bully's bully. We digress into orgasms, the Kardashians, retreats and babely Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Christina drops some serious knowledge on mushrooms (and not the magical kind), dabbling in stick and poke and why VHS rules.

About Christina

As the second eldest of six kids, Christina paved the way for the creative spirit in her family. She's been brewing small business ideas since her early days of dandelion perfume. From winning Best Dressed in high school to professional nail artist at New York Fashion Week, this gal has done it all. 

Christina cut her teeth in the kitchen by keeping a large family of athletes well fed. Satisfying the conflicting meal-time desires of so many family members sparked the beginnings of the healthy and creative cooking that would eventually inspire Culver City Salads. Christina knows that "One-Size-Doesn't-Fit-All" when it comes to food - which means you won't find her on a soap-box preaching and is no bible-thumping apostle looking to make everyone vegetable-loving converts. She just wants everyone to enjoy healthy foods - with the emphasis on ENJOY.

She’s got a big time love for the West Coast, will never shy away from a dip in the sea and will stand behind the fact that Kelly Kapowski is, in fact, her spirit animal.

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no fingers were cut while opening the avocado. Not today, avocado, not today.

no fingers were cut while opening the avocado. Not today, avocado, not today.

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