power washing

This weekend, I decided that the driveway needed to be power washed. And there is no one better to get the job done than myself. 

It took about an hour and a half, and during that time I got a thinking. How come I can so easily give myself this time to do a task, yet when it comes to writing, making a playlist or meditating... I somehow feel guilty taking 30 minutes out to do so?

And as I was power washing the two sides of the driveway (one where my car goes and the other where Jon's truck sits) I found myself spending more time and attention on Jon's side. Like wtf. Unconsciously I give more to others than myself. He doesn't care what the driveway looks like. This was supposed to be for me.

What do I need to tell myself in order to spend time on my side of the driveway? Literally and metaphorically. 

I don't have the answer right now... but in the meantime, I remind myself that I am present in this moment. I can focus my thoughts, energy and actions with my breath. I am worthy of power washing my side of the driveway.


image : pinterest

image : pinterest

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