house plants - the comeback kid

It's safe to say that trends recycle themselves. So last year when I saw that macrame plant hangers were a thing again, I snubbed my nose in distaste. Yet here I am... feverishly trying to coordinate a babysitter and current openings for Saige & Skye's macrame workshops.

why the sprouting craze? 2 things:

1. My theory is that in the past few years home styling has swayed far over to the minimalistic-white-everything theme. It's gorge, but also cold. So to (inexpensively) add warmth and natural elements, insert a plant here and there. One plant becomes two... and you manage to not kill those two so you add another three or four. And next thing you know you drive across town to find the funkiest botanical gallery around. Guilty as charged.

2. With Vancouver's rental crisis, owning a cat or dog isn't an easy decision and comes with its fair share of sacrifices. So to fuel the desire to care and watch something grow, we tend to our green friends. Sure, your snake plant won't cuddle back, but it's rewarding when a new leaf buds.

indoor plants. not just for the shopping mall 

I've had my fair share of plants die, but here are a few that are surprisingly still kicking it. Added bonus: all are cat friendly!

And my fav shops in the Lower Mainland:

What plants are your go-to that stay alive through it all?
monstera leaves from @bloomroomvancouver

monstera leaves from @bloomroomvancouver

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