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On this episode I'm joined by Kristin Zerbin, owner of Hoochy 'Booch Kombucha. I was intrigued to hear Kristin share her adventure into the kombucha biz as the 'booch scene has grown so much in popularity that it seems to rival the synonymous double-double (that's Tim Horton's coffee for all y'all non-Canadians out there).

We jam on the quintessential high school movies from our youth, her experience living in China and the connection between gut health and mental health. Ya gotta listen in to Kristin's funny first experience with kombucha and how she turned her DIY skills into a full fledged business. Kristin also breaks down 'booch terminology so you can go out into the world and be a scoby savant. 

About Kristin & Hoochy 'Booch

Kristin is the boss and brains behind Hoochy 'Booch Kombucha. Many moons ago, as a yogi and meditation instructor, Kristin used her connection to Self to tune in to what her body needed. What she found was that by following and trusting her gut (pun intended), she felt her best after drinking kombucha.

Fast forward to today where Kristin & Liam (her partner in crime) are bustling brewers growing their business one growler at a time. Okay, definitely more than one growler at a time.

The name Hoochy ‘Booch implies lightness, laughter, and refreshment. Brewed locally in the heart of Vancouver, BC, it is their passion to produce a high quality, outrageously delicious kombucha that people feel good about loving. With no shortcuts or funny stuff, they're here to help simplify nutrition, balancing the good stuff with the fun stuff.

Kristin & Liam believe healthy guts make happy humans! Why? Because they're living proof! A few years ago, after years of abuse, Kristin's body had had it. She was tired, bloated and moody all of the time and the docs wanted to prescribe pills to “heal” her. Stuck in her ways and an avid DIY’er, she took it upon herself to heal thyself. Kombucha was the catalyst—the one thing—that made the most impact. Since then, she's learned what she can about the gut-brain connection and why healing her gut first was the best thing she could do.

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Kristin slaying 'booch at CTV news.

Kristin slaying 'booch at CTV news.

pure deliciousness. 

pure deliciousness. 

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