podcast : Jessie Hutton Nelson

On this episode I sit down with Jessie Nelson, who openly shares their experience of recently publicly coming out as trans. Jessie divulges in the (not so easy) journey towards self love, self discovery and gender identity. We get into the conversation of LGBTQ2 terms, pronouns and the masculine and feminine energy inside each of us. Jessie shares their experience with rejection, suicide and the tipping point to finding self.

Bridging the gap between binary and LGBTQ2 communities is part of Jessie's purpose and they've jumped head first into this maiden voyage. Jessie is a beacon for change and inclusivity, whether it be through consulting, copywriting or local events. Jessie's company, KITH+common, provides community consulting through its diversity and inclusion services, community engagement consulting and business development strategies.

One thing that I love so much about Jessie is that they're an open book who's graciously bringing us along (anyone know some Netflix or TedTalks producers so Jessie can tell their story on a grander scale?).

What I've learned after hearing Jessie's story is that there's so much that I can do to be an ally for the trans community. I won't get the pronouns perfect on the first go, but I'm sure as shit going to try. I hope you too are empowered to make conscious changes to include all people.

About Jessie

Jessie and I first met while playing beach volleyball. We instantly clicked and I knew there was something special about them based on their joie de vivre... even when we were losing eighteen to five. Oh, and our mutual love for Kristen Wiig.

They've got more facets than a brilliant diamond. And it'd be easy for me to write ten pages on Jessie's life, however they sum it up pretty nicely:

I believe deeply that every experience we have in this life is a gift. I believe that our circumstances hold infinite opportunity and I believe that we always have choice in how we move forward with these circumstances. 
My circumstances are that I was born female. My circumstances are that I was born in a body that I didn't identify with and my circumstances are that I was born into a world that was not designed to fit me. 
The opportunities I see in these amazing circumstances I call gifts are endless. I was handed the incredible gift of sitting somewhere in the middle of the gender norm. I was given the incredible gift of being a connector and an engager. I was born into incredible privilege as a white, affluent, educated Canadian from a healthy loving family who supports and encourages me every day to be self-expressed, authentic and vulnerable. I was born with the gift of playing host to a set of human qualities that make me uniquely qualified to drive forward in the face of fear. From these circumstances was born my purpose, and I am incredibly excited to live into it fully and completely as I journey through this great life.
So here I am. Exposed, authentic and vulnerable. 


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I have been, and always will be, Jess.

I have been, and always will be, Jess.

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