holiday round up : stocking stuffers

Whether you are doing a secret santa or looking for some last minute gifts, Mama’s got you covered. Here’s my round up of local and not-so-local favourites. These are all tried, tested and true and by no means sponsored or endorsed by the companies I’m recommending. Just sometimes we get tired of the usual Purdy’s hedgehogs and scented candles.


SISTERS gentle body wash - This Brooklyn based sister-run company gives 40% of profits to women’s health initiatives. Also lovely scent lingers and doesn’t fade as quickly as other body washes. $40 - the garden strathcona and

KILTER&MINT denim tote - #selfpromonoshame. Got someone in your life who loves a podcast as much as I do? Support local (ahem, moi) and pick up a tote for ‘em. $22 - COMING SOON

PICOT COLLECTIVE honey tobacco travel candle - yeah yeah, I was just smack talking candles, but this one is exquisite! It combines a fine balance of masculine and feminine fragrances and is potent enough to engulf a large room in its scent. Travel size is perfect for stocking stuffers or fitting into your luggage. $22 -

KENT STREET APPAREL ‘merde il pleut’ umbrella - Does it get more PNW than this? The yellow is by far my fav. $44 -

K’PURE perk up skin polishing oil - I bought this on a whim while killing time in Fort Langley and I was surprised by how lovely it is. I use it once a week and it adds a bit of luxury to my skincare routine. $21 -

WANDER BEAUTY baggage claim gold eye masks - I feel like the Queen when I throw these suckers on after a sleepless night. The gold foil retains heat which helps set the serum in. $30 -

BURT’S BEES lemon butter cuticle cream - If you’ve never used cuticle cream, this is the gateway to fresh to death digits. It feels luxurious and smells softly sweet. $10 - Shoppers Drug Mart or


UNION SWIMWEAR one piece reversible swimsuit - local. socially responsible. cute AF. A portion of the profits is donated to HOPE International Development Agency (HOPE International) - specifically to provide clean water to communities in need. $85 -

SCANDINAVE bath access - not only are you gifting them access to the hydrotherapy pools, but also gifting them the space to slow down and unwind. $79 -

INQUEST DECK - Another local product made by friends Matt Corker & Nadine Nevitt. This user friendly no hocus pocus tarot(ish) deck $20-$70 -


SMASH + TESS romperalls - the coziest overalls you’ll ever meet. Every time I wear these suckers I get oodles of compliments. It makes choosing an outfit a breeze. $119 -

BODY PULSE 5 session package - electro muscle stimulation. 20 minute full body workout done once a week. I tried this a couple of weeks ago and was sore for days. Finally a chance to build on the glutes without over compensating with quads. $25-$1,200 -

podcast : Cassy Field - Woash & Waiting

podcast : Cassy Field - Woash & Waiting

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