podcast : Maggie Anderson - grace & gamut

podcast : Maggie Anderson - grace & gamut

On this episode, hear from one half of the duo behind Grace Club, Maggie Anderson. This fairly mysterious lady opens up about how she went from a girl with notions and beliefs, to running a club for feminists.

Through Maggie’s creation of a platform for Vancouver feminists to connect, she has learned A TON and has a story (or two) to share. And I feel like Maggie eloquently puts out in to the world so many things that I’m thinking but can’t fully or properly articulate.

We jam on growing through the uncomfortable, getting called in and when it’s time to ‘shoosh ma boosh’. Maggie also breaks down the diff between women, womyn and womxn.

We talk about unpacking trauma, toxic masculinity and craving imperfection.

If I’m not regretting what I said 6 months ago, then I’m not growing. - Maggie

About Maggie

As mentioned before, Maggie is a wee bit elusive on the social channels. But that’s a whole other story in person. This boisterous mom of two has a no holds bar approach to life. No subject is taboo and she speaks just as candidly and frank in front of her girls as she does when unraveling past trauma on the podcast. Maggie is gregarious. Maggie is charismatic. Maggie is unapologetically herself. She tells you as she sees it and her gaze is penetrating.

About Grace Club

Grace Club is feminist networking in a non-cheesy, slimy way. Creating inclusion and modelling diversity and skipping the classically attractive speakers.

We are here to foster connection and to find ways to move toward progress for all. Rooted in authenticity, expression, inclusion and activism; we offer a warm community where we can learn from each other, ultimately motivating social change.

Why Grace

Grace is not just for the religious or spiritual as a preconceived construct which needs to be carefully debunked or defined, nor is it a room one enters. 
Instead, it is how you feel when all is unraveling and at the very end you find yourself with an unexpected gesture of kindness, that is grace.

-Allegra King

To learn more

Maggie in the wild.

Maggie in the wild.

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