podcast : Jess Robson - connected & clever copywriter

podcast : Jess Robson - connected & clever copywriter

On this episode, hear from old friend and wise wordy, Jess Robson. We jam on the significance of celebrating her 5th birthday (of being in business), absorption vs creation and craving what she fears most.

Jess candidly shares about the dark dip in her career, what she learned about ignoring and blurring her professional boundaries and THE big year of grief and growth.

I get a quick lesson on the difference between copy writing and copywriting (hello IP law vs words in the world), what is conversion copywriting and the strength and power of language.

Jess opens up about how she’s overcome taking on personas, let go of fitting in and the life-long journey into finding her voice.

About Jess

Jess is an Alberta native living (and loving) life on the West Coast of Canada. A fan of contradictions, she lives in a mountain town that's a hop skip and jump away from the 'big city', keeping her penchant for fancy cocktails satisfied while simultaneously nurturing her quiet-loving introvert.

On the flip, she gives her extroverted self some time outta her cage in front of groups; facilitating workshops and offering keynotes to help participants express themselves with a little more confidence and clarity.

Jess loves a good coffee, has an obnoxious sweet tooth and a couple more tattoos than you would think. She loves people, their stories, their experiences and their perspectives.

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Jess in the flow.

Jess in the flow.

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