letter of gratitude vol. I

To the young women at the round table,

Thank you. Tonight you, all of you, were the support I needed. I thought I had it together, strutting up in heels while balancing a car seat and diaper bag.

"Look at me. I've got it together and can do it all by myself!". Truth is I didn't doubt I could do it by myself. 

But that wasn't what I needed. You gave me exactly what I needed. You gave me what I was afraid of asking for.

You helped.

You did so despite my reluctance.

It was as if a tribe of young women surrounded me and encompassed me in true loving kindness. I needn't ask. You just knew. I hope to one day do the same for you.

Thank you for the glass of wine. Thank you for piling heaps of food on my plate. Thank you for letting me eat dessert. Thank you for giving me a break.

Just so much damn thank you.


picture: pinterest

picture: pinterest

all hail the scrunchie

dear vagina, I'm sorry