full moon rituals

Each year we are graced with twelve full moons, giving us twelve opportunities to cleanse, reset and release. There are endless theories on the effects of full moons and hot damn, it gets pretty overwhelming. Here's my break down on full moon rituals for the modern human.

Let's talk chakras.

 A full moon is an opportunistic time to reflect and realign the throat, third eye and crown chakra. They share commonalities of higher expression, reflection and perception. Why is this important during a full moon? Together these three chakras are called the Seat of the Moon (source: David Frawley - Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization). 

Too hippie dippie? Okay, try this: Your thoughts are like balloons. Each thought that pops in your head brings you higher and higher to the sky. You don't want to float away so you need something heavy to keep you grounded. By creating a mini moon ritual, we anchor down and reconnect to our self awareness (expression, reflection and perception).

I must admit that I get lazy. Sometimes when I do remember it's a full moon (thanks to instagram and Facebook posts by friends from yoga teacher training) I simply lay out my crystals under the moon and say "do your thang". The next day I have a total placebo effect and think I've done something good like take a multi-vitamin.

Truth is, I really do feel my heart open wider when I take the time to deepen my meditation practice during a full moon. You don't need to chant for three hours to feel the effects of self care.

My fav rituals.

moon bathe

Bask it in. There's something so powerful about purposefully looking up and focusing on something bigger than Self. My, how small we really are.


Carve out downtime to distance the space between thoughts. On the night of a full moon I like to put baby to bed and sneak outside. I'll curl up on an adirondack with a cozy quilt and meditate for a few minutes.

burn, baby burn

Use the full moon to release whatever is no longer serving you. Write it down on a small piece of paper and burn it.


I used to have a portion written here about smudging and cleansing the energy of your space. I’ve decided to remove this portion because for me it doesn’t sit right anymore. Here’s a fantastic article on why smudging is cultural appropriation and how to smoke cleanse in sensitive ways. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.


The full moon provides an energetic cleansing for many crystals. It purifies their energy as they absorb the negative from you. Rinse in clean water and lay them down under the moon. Set an intention with each stone. There's no right or wrong way of doing this. Trust what feels right.


Finish on a high note and close out your ritual with gratitude. Consider who you're grateful for and send them positive wishes. Thank yourself for taking time out of your busy life to do something energetically good.

Upcoming full moons.

Stay tuned for a list of upcoming full moons.


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