all hail the scrunchie

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm addicted to scrunchies. 

It all started at yoga teacher training after our first 1980's themed night. Someone (oh hai, Maia) brought a shit ton of scrunchies in case people forgot their tightest and brightest. They sat dismally in a glass bowl at the back of the room, yearning for a yogi to forget a hair tie and serendipitously put one in their mop. 

I was never without a hair tie (girl guides motto: always be prepared) so it seemed my adult life would continue without the wonders of the scrunchie. But my dear friend Hayley convinced me that scrunchies are the way of the future (or more so a gift from the past).

I walked over to the glass bowl and chose one petite leopard print silk scrunchie. Angels sang from the heavens as it blissfully pulled the fine, limp strands off my neck and into one glorious bun. Life would never be the same.

Since that one fateful day, I've nearly completely converted over to the fabric swathed elastic masterpiece and tossed the black, devil hair tie. With over 10 scrunchies in my collection, I have one for every type of occasion. There's velour, silk, reflective, you name it, I got it.

If you've been on the fence about rocking the scrunchie look, get on it. It's no longer just for washing your face but totally suitable for all occasions (okay, maybe not black tie galas). 

Here are my top 3 scrunchies that are currently in heavy rotation:

1. Bunhead - Mother-Daughter Vancouver-based Bunhead makes scrunchies in various materials… from linen to velvet to silk, there’s a size and style for you. BONUS - they have Mommy + Me sets so you can match with your mini.

2. Chelsea King - Vancouver-based Chelsea King creates beautiful neutral scrunchies that add oomf to any topknot. I have the simply white and love it for that something extra to a jeans and t shirt outfit.

3. Simons - This velvet scrunchie feels super luxurious (and doesn't break the bank at $6.00 a pop). I like to think of this as a nod to my velvet tracksuit days with an eighties twist.

4. lululemon - The uplifting scrunchie by lululemon is moisture-wicking and quick drying. Perfect for any sweaty workout. Throw it in the wash with your gear and you're good to go.





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