the art of monotasking

Are phones the new security blanket for 20-30 somethings?

We are so attached to our mobile devices that in 2016 Snapchat had 158 million active DAILY users worldwide (source: Yes, that restaurant had pretty good brunch, but who am I trying to impress? I'm not perfect and am equally, if not more guilty of feeding the urge to post every semi-cool thing I do.

We're well on our way to living a human dystopia like in Wall-E (here's a refresher if you haven't seen the movie). Our black mirror false realities inhibit us from creating real life connections and enjoying the present moment. Quick draw reflexes are magnified by the latest tech accessories like the apple watch, bluetooth and endless wifi connection (last Saturday while at Home Depot at least ten fifty-something men passed by accessorized with bluetooth headsets and cellphone hip clips. Yikes).

At what point will technology and Self meld into one and we no longer have the ability to disconnect?

Disconnecting is a daily practice and some days are better spent monotasking than others. But why is monotasking so important? I could list off facts and scientific studies, but in reality it comes down to a sense of peace and accomplishment. 

So fresh off of 11 days of yoga teacher training with no TV and shoddy internet, here are my best practices to recharge the batteries and put. the. phone. down.

  • Enjoy your breakfast. Give yourself time to sit down and eat your food with no distractions. Try chewing slowly (I'm talking 20 chews for each bite) so that you saviour the texture, flavour, temperature, etc. 
  • Reduce background noise. Turn off the TV. Drive in silence. Take a run without music. It's amazing how other sounds appear that might've been muffled otherwise.
  • Enjoy a hobby that gives you pleasure and sets you free. Paint, garden, run, dance, weave, write, scrapbook, WHATEVER! Allow yourself to feel good. I know I'm making time for myself when my nails are painted and free from chips and cracks (sounds lame, but it's my warning sign if I'm not taking good enough care of myself).
  • Get lost. Turn off google maps and find your destination the old fashion way; by asking for directions and using your inner compass.

What gives you a sense of peace and accomplishment? What pastime gives you the greatest joy?

picture: pinterest

picture: pinterest

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