letter of gratitude vol. II

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. This year has been tumultuous, terrifying, tender and terrific to say the least. And I'm going to start a new tradition of reflecting on all the things I'm grateful for. Groundbreaking, I know. 

band of mothers

You don't know what you don't know until you go through it. And this year I've had some loving, caring and compassionate mothers surround me. From texts in the middle of the night, to visits so I can shower, to listening without judgement, these ladies have been my saviours. I hope that I too can be like them when more friends journey into Motherhood. 

my soul sister crew

If it weren't for my core tribe, this year would've looked a lot different. And I'm so grateful for old friends, new ones and some that I'm reconnecting with for the first time in ten years. From Alaska, to Toronto, to Maple Ridge to North Vancouver I am grateful for you.

they don't call her Saint Teresa for nothing

So when we figured out that I had PPD, this Mother of mine took time off work and spent all her energy taking care of my well-being. She cooked, she cleaned and most importantly she gave me a break. Not only that, but it's been so freaking cool to see the relationship that's developed between her and Fart Face McGee. 

the love of my life

This guy. We've gone through hell and back, and I don't say it enough how much I appreciate and love him. It's been a joy to see him grow into a wonderful Father to the little munchkin. We've been flying blind, but it seems that we're starting to rise above the clouds (only took us six months).

my house plants

Seems silly but watching my plants grow (and surprisingly not die) has been a great triumph this past year. When you feel like you're failing at everything, a ficus will never judge. When you feel lonely, a rubber tree plant will stand strong and tall beside you. There's the health benefits of being surrounded by plants and there's also the meditative and calming state they encourage. 


Obviously I'm grateful for Fart Face McGee, but she can't read yet, so I'll save the mushy feelings for when she's old enough.
don't keep that shit canned up and on a shelf. 

don't keep that shit canned up and on a shelf. 

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