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As the holiday season fast approaches, it's easy to get wrapped up in wrapping presents that are sure to surprise and excite. And over the next few weeks I hope that you are able to quiet your mind, sit down (or drive or clean the house or walk the dog) and listen to this episode the whole way through. Taraneh shares some serious wisdom on living mindfully, which, made me think deeper as to whether the choices I'm making as a consumer are out of habit, societal norm or from the heart.

Taraneh and I jam on mindfulness, what we're in the practice of and what we're creating with our families. We touch on two of the eight limbs of yoga (in real life), how our kids are the greatest little gurus and why Yoga is #morethanasana.

About Taraneh

TK likes to say she's a practicing Yogi and that her little babes are her gurus. She is a registered clinical councillor, expressive arts therapist, poet, writer and a yoga and meditation instructor (and she's so much more than her credentials). She writes from the heart and is inspired by what comes to her during meditation. 

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phones down. eyes up. live your real life now. - Taraneh Erfan King

phones down. eyes up. live your real life now. - Taraneh Erfan King

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