podcast : Ashley Brodeur - Feelosophy yoga

On this episode, Ashley Brodeur and I chat about many a tings, including Feelosophy, riding a 3 year high, blacking out in Yoga (it’s a thing) and the power of a good shower. Ash shares her evolution of touch, shooting stars in Kenya and what 2018 is going to feel like.

About Ashley

Ashley is one of the most down to earth and gentle souls I've ever met. In her yoga classes, she emits an energy that makes you feel at home... so much so that I feel like I could go over to her house and raid her fridge without getting weird looks. 

I admire a lot about Ash but her ability to say yes to new adventures and create something out of nothing is what inspires me the most. Oh, and that she's 27, getting her Masters AND leading a yoga teacher training in June. NBD. 

Have a listen to the wise words and colourful story of Ashley Brodeur. 



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“Most people live their entire lives with their clothes on, and even if they wanted to, couldn’t take them off. Then there are those who cannot put them on. They are the ones who live their lives not just as people but as examples of people. They are destined to expose every part of themselves, so the rest of us can know what it means to be a human.
— Sheila Heti, How Should a Person Be?

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