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In this episode I sit down with homegirl, Jen Beattie, as she shares her passion for essential oils. We breakdown the stereotypes of aromatherapy hippie dippiness, using essential oils beyond the scent and making conscious choices. We go deeper into experiential health and wellness, creating core values outside of work and skepticism in direct buy (I promise you there's NO selling in this episode).

About Jen

Jen is a passionate foodie searching for the optimal balance between that country and city life. You’ll catch Jen finding zen in her veggie garden, in a spin class or out enjoying wine with girlfriends. She’s a natural born mother who’s paying the bills through her project managing skills in the health and wellness industry. Jen’s guilty pleasures include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, jazz hands and a living room lit by softly glowing candles.

What I love about Jen is that she's passionate about essential oils without being pushy. She won't sell you on anything and will divulge information if you ask for it.

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Jen and her baby beau, Deacon.

Jen and her baby beau, Deacon.

What Jen's listening to

Don’t know where to start with oils? Here’s Jen’s recommendations 

  • lavender - to soothe skin irritations - like that time last week I burned the roof of my mouth
  • vetiver - for sleep and anxiety support (liquid xanax)
  • peppermint - in a spray bottle with some water to keep the bugs away
  • tea tree + coconut oil - all natural deo for the crunchy mamas out there
  • lemon + tea tree - in a spray bottle with water and 2 tbsp castile soap = perfect homemade cleaner

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