my Bachelor Canada Super Fan experience

Do you ever see a contest and go "you know what, I could do that"? Well, that was the exact reaction I had when I saw a commercial for the Bachelor Canada Super Fan Experience. 

When I submitted my entry video I decided to have zero chill and just be real. A little sass and a lot of 'tude paid off and within a few weeks I was on a plane on my way to the big city.

Celebrities, they're just like us

I don't like to call myself a Super Fan, but I would say I'm super in to it. I'm not going to froth at the mouth when I spot someone semi-famous, but you know, I will (and do) get a kick out of it. So when Jon & I met Carley and Evan from Bachelor in Paradise we were both surprised at how nice, normal and chill they were. Backstage we shot the sh*t and talked all things baby-related (FYI Carley's entering her 3rd trimester). Though the real highlight was when we found out how great they were with our little girl when we weren't there.

Let me start by saying that Baby E has some pipes on her and may or may not have anger management issues. So while Jon & I were filming, Baby E was backstage being taken care of by my dearest friend Catherine. After four minutes (like, right on cue) she started losing her sh*t. Evan and Carley weren't on stage yet and were hanging out in the green room where Cat and Baby E were. Evan, being the father of three that he is, comes over and gives it a whirl to try and calm her down. He takes her over to the vanity mirror and shows her her reflection, flickers the lights on and off and even finds a random box of smarties to rattle and play with. While he's busting out the dad tricks, Carley's there reassuring Cat that Evan's got this.

Like, come on man. How can you not love those two after that? They wholeheartedly (and unknowingly) won us over. Oh, and it gets even better... the next day we left our hotel at the same time as them and said our final good byes, they totally remembered our names and checked to see how the little babe was doing.

You know how some people's purpose is to be a parent and unconditionally love someone? That's def Vanessa Grimaldi. As soon as she saw our little one, she walked right up and got all cozy with Baby E. 100% on the Vanessa bandwagon.

Could you imagine what it'd be like to be a normal person, go on a reality TV show and then somehow assimilate back into normal society? Think about Vanessa's sitch. One, she's a mega babe and super, SUPER nice irl. Two, she now has to filter dating normal guys who know pretty much everything about her. This time it's her turn to ask if they're here for the right reasons.

Move over Kaitlyn Bristowe, let's get back to the real superstar (me, obvs).

Jon & I both have never been to Toronto and had preset notions that Torontonians think they're the centre of the universe. Let's see just how amazing the Six really is. I hate to admit it, but we loved this city. We had great weather, met pleasant people and sampled some damn good food. Not only that, but Toronto is certainly more fashionable than Vancouver. It didn’t feel out of place to wear fancier clothes that We’re collecting dust in the back of my closet. 

W Network took such great care of us right from the get-go. We were in a neat hotel in the heart of the financial district close to some funky restaurants (check out Terrino & Sud Forno if you get a chance). When we got to the studio they gave us a tour of the building, met the host, Jennifer Valentyne, and had full hair and makeup done (Jon opted out of the latter). After dinner we were briefed on set and got to watch episode 6 before the rest of Canada. Immediately after that we began filming the After Show.

It was so energizing being in the front row watching Vanessa, Kaitlyn, Jennifer, Carley and Evan on stage. Whenever it was close to my turn to answer a question I knew it was coming because one of the cameras would pan on me. Not going to lie, I kinda blacked out. Good thing you couldn't see me sweating under my leather jacket. 

I didn’t really prep my answers and just rolled with it. I may or may not have thrown Meghan under the bus... BUT! Anyone who goes on the Bachelor franchise I have mad respect for. I think each of the final women have their unique sparkle and my hope is that they stay true to themselves once it's all over. 

Maybe one day the Bachelor will do a married version (oxymoron) and Jon & I can go on. We are after all pretty weird together.

I'm so grateful for W Network, our two handlers Drew and Emma and my partner in crime, Jon, for such a fun adventure.

Check out episode 6 of the Bachelor Canada After Show here.

checking out the set with Jon & Baby E

checking out the set with Jon & Baby E

proof that Evan really is the baby whisperer.

proof that Evan really is the baby whisperer.

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my fifteen minutes of fame

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