baby travel essentials : Hawaii edition

Go on Pinterest and search "traveling with a baby" and the results are endless. When I did just this, the urge to buy gimmicky travel shit came over me like a wave crashing down on Makena Beach. I listened to a friends' advice and calmed my tits.

Now, on the flip side if you search "how to sedate my baby", there's barely anything. Thanks for making me feel like a bad mom, Google.

I'm sure as shit not perfect, but I feel pretty confident in what I packed for my five-month-old baby. Check out my reco's below.

pre flight

let it go

Let go of any preconceived notions of how the flight will be. It might suck, or it might be alright. Babies cry and that's okay. Roll with the punches. Oh, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport so you're not stressed AF.

wear your baby

Best advice ever. Going through security is a bitch, so having hands free is a must. Think about it... you've got passports, boarding passes, gizmos and gadgets galore. I also made a last minute decision to bring the stroller because wearing a baby in Maui gets real sweaty real fast.

bring spares

This child of mine loves to poop as much as I do. Baby clothes are so small and barely take up room in the carry-on. Plus this way I know she won't be stuck wearing a diaper, socks and a hoodie (been there, done that).

don't buy anything

Chances are you've already got everything you need. The only thing I bought was Baby Tylenol, Baby Orajel and a thermometer (things I'd want at 3 in the morning if someone broke out into fever).



For real. Have a beer. The hardest part is over.

breast feeding pillow

This was a last minute addition and in turn replaced the dock a tot. Whether you breastfeed or not, this was great for the babe to snuggle up on.


rental baby gear

I didn't want to get my good stuff covered in sand (high maintenance, I know) so we opted to rent a couple of pieces from Maui On The Fly. They delivered the gear right to our condo and also picked up the gear on our last day. The best piece was a collapsible wagon. We threw in the baby, towels, cooler and other necessities and wheeled it on over to the beach every day. Another essential was a baby tent, which proved to be big enough for little one and me (I got some sweet shin tans as my legs stuck out). It provided much needed shade and privacy while b-feeding. We had rented a Bumbo for the condo but somebody's thighs were too thick for it. 


It's easy to get carried away in wanting to bring everything and the kitchen sink. There are so many fabulous instagram Moms who travel the world with their babies and seem to have the perfect outfit for every occasion. Their flowy dresses and perfect hair are aspirational, but I mean c'mon. I'd probably have boob sweat and limp hair stuck to my forehead if I went that route. I kept it simple with realistic clothes (jorts, tank tops and sports bras) and swapped wedge sandals for Birkenstocks.

Considering we live in Vancouver and somebody has been growing like a weed, it didn't make sense to spend a fortune on beach clothes. There's a Target in Kahului that we stopped at and picked up a couple of swimsuits and onesies. This way I could save my money and buy more lemonades from Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade.

and finally

You've got this. Keep it simple. And remember, life could be worse. If you're reading this it probably means a vacation is in your near future. And who can complain when you're off to warm climates 


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