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Dear sweet Joni Lind. She's tiny but mighty. This pint-sized soup queen shares her story of liquid success and how she and her business partner Amy came to reign supreme over the soup sea of Campbell's and Mr. Noodles (my words, not hers... in fact she'll probably be embarassed when she reads this. Sorry, girl).

Joni and I first met while working at, you guessed it, lululemon. We sat a few desks away from each other and quickly became friends over our love for Kondi Callanetics and the great outdoors. I knew this tenacious beauty was legit when one day she brought up the fact that everyone was so serious when pelvic thrusting in one of our fav workouts. Needless to say, you can count on Joni to lighten the mood and not take things too seriously.

About Joni

Hailing from Victoria, BC, Joni moved to Vancouver to embrace the big(ger) city life. She loves soup (duh) and is quite possibly the best Aunt to her four nieces and nephews (take a peek at her Instagram to see just how much family matters).

The idea of a soup company began in 2013, when Joni noticed her eating habits change as she started to incorporate soup in her regular diet. She felt her taste buds reset, she was satiated after eating them and her body weight was regulating.

Bringing home-made soups into her workplace at lululemon’s corporate office became a regular occurrence, and her friends and colleagues began asking her to bring some for them as well. Joni then became increasingly aware of the popularity of soup at her office, which was filled with health-conscious individuals. She knew she was onto something, and started to think about recipes.

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