why I deleted every single baby tracker app

I'm not generally an anxious person. Sure, I compulsively scratch the back of my neck and chew my cuticles, but otherwise I've got a good handle on the stressies.

Things changed when I started using baby tracker apps. Yes, the babe was hitting her growth and development markers, but what was next? Was this week supposed to be sunshine and laughter or thunderclouds and unexplainable tears?

It's so flipping easy to have all the  information at our fingertips. These baby apps are like Web MD on crack. And don't get me started on the forums (bitches be cray). When people would ask how baby was doing, I'd share her developmental growth ("This week she's seeing patterns in her everyday") instead how she was actually doing. 

What I'm trying to say here is, it felt like I had too much information. Too quick to diagnose. Too quick to compare. Just too much. I dreaded her turning four-months-old in fear of the notorious sleep regression.

The best advice I ever received was from my girlfriend, Whit, who said your baby is only as good as you think they are. It’s all relative. If you think you have a good baby then the tears and restless nights won’t get you down. If you think that your babe is less than stellar then each fussy period will feel like Armageddon.

I think back to my Mom's generation. She had books and sage advice as her guiding light. Pretty sure myself and every other thirty-something turned out just fine. When I told her about the four month sleep regression she looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "You mean she's growing?". Ah. There it is.

Babies grow and such at their own, unique rate. Have you ever met an adult that still co-sleeps with their parents? Or says, “Gee, I have major issues because I didn’t roll over until I was seven months old”? Didn’t think so.

I deleted all the baby apps on a whim and it was magical. From that point on I let my intuition be my guide. I could enjoy her my babe in each and every moment.  

If you're thinking about getting rid of one or two or all the baby apps... do it. It feels damn good.

As if I need any more reasons to be on my phone anyways.

As if I need any more reasons to be on my phone anyways.

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