podcast : Dose performance coaching

This past week I sat down with David Ogle, founder of Dose Performance Coaching. We chatted about the trifecta of coaching, what a coach actually does, similarities between weightlifting and yoga and obviously cats. 

Way back when, Dave and I used to work together in retail training for an athletic retailer. There was never a dull moment as I was always learning from Dave... whether it be perfecting training large groups, writing store training material or pranking a certain Erik Newcomb.

Dave was by far my most memorable boss. His humour is dangerously dry, he is innately curious and pushed me beyond my perceived boundaries. Not only that but we had cool nicknames (take a guess who was Nighthawk and who was Sledgehammer).

About Dave

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Dave has generally drifted NW over time through Seattle to mountainous British Columbia. After many years in the corporate retail world, Dave left to light his entrepreneurial spirit afire. Dose Performance Coaching specializes in 1:1 coaching for business leaders and athletes. And with that being said, Dave is game for just about anything in the realm of leadership, culture, and coaching. You can also catch Dave teaching weightlifting at Crossfit West 10

Dose Performance Coaching


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