so many barres, so little alcohol

Within the past 6 years Vancouver has seen more barre studios sprout up than microbreweries (I exaggerate, but you know what I mean). The tuck-tuck-tucking and small weights craze has outlasted fad status and has become a favourite among ex-dancers and new Moms. With so many studios, is it a case of same-same but different? Read on to find out what makes each of these studios differ from the other. Your triceps and pelvic floor will thank you.

Bar Method

This is Vancouver's OG barre studio with two locations in Yaletown and West Van. Carpeted floors guarantee that the classes will be low-impact with no jumping jack surprises. Owner Carolyn Williams brought her love for barre from Cali to Vancouver and can be thanked for helping boost the barre trend in the 604.

Pure Barre

Jesus, Pure Barre has over 460 locations in the US & Canada. This is by far the biggest barre chain yet there are only 2 locations in Vancouver (Kits & Yaletown). All the Pure Barre classes I've been have used these red, five-inch balls for thigh and ab exercises. Those damn balls take me back to my dodgeball days in elementary school and make me want to side-whip one across the room an an unknowing opponent. I digress.

Barre Fitness

I'm biased when I say that I love Barre Fitness. One: they have childcare. Two: there's a studio out here in Suburbia. Three: Did I mention childcare? What makes them unique is it's the only barre studio that has locations not concentric to downtown Vancouver (think South Surrey, North Van & Port Moody). They offer more than your average barre class ranging from barre xpress (40-45 min class) to barre classic (as the name implies) to barre HIIT (hot sweaty mess).

Dailey Method

Dailey Method is originally from San Fran and now has more than 60 locations in US, Canada, Mexico & Paris. As the name implies, the Dailey Method was founded by Jill Dailey nearly 18 years ago (not a spelling error as initially thought). What makes Dailey Method stand out is their offering of a 40 mins indoor cycling/20 mins barre class at their Dunbar, Kits & White Rock locations. I haven't been to a Dailey Method class, so if you have I'd love to know what you liked/didn't like. I'm a sucker for branding so the green, orange and yellow colour scheme kinda puts me off.

What barre studio is your fav and why? Have you ever awkwardly locked eyes with another student as you're simultaneously gyrating your hips to the beat of music?

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picture: pinterest

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